Monday, February 5, 2007

tune from SUPER OLD indian movie

My teacher says Ustad Pyara Singh used to love playing this tune.

Raag Bhoopali Bandish

Composition in Raag Bhoopali.

Raag Asa : Shaan + Shabad Tune

One of my favorite tunes. Very very difficult to memorize.
I heard the tune from the Shabad Track: "Gur Kunji Pahu Nival" sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh at least 50-60 times.
Even then I memorized it incorrectly.
So my teacher has played it slowly for me to be able to catch the nuances.

Here's a modified tune for "Gur Kunji Pahu Nival" (I wanted to sing a different Shabad to this composition) - in Raag Asa. Amazingly Sweet Tune.