Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bhai Gurdev Singh - Dilruba - Ahir Bhairav

Bhai Gurdev Singh - Also Learned Tar-Shehnai / Dilruba from Ustad Piara Singh about the same time as Bhai Baljeet Singh did.

My Ustad's Ustad's Ustad

Thanks to Angad for sending me the link!
And thanks to whoever uploaded this video!

Ustad Piara Singh on TarShehnai.

Bhai Baljeet Singh learned from Ustad Piara Singh.

Maiya Singh picked up a lot of the tunes and style of Ustad Piara Singh by listening to him play during Diwaans and Informal Gatherings. Maiya Singh also spent time with Bhai Baljeet Singh as his student.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rageshri Without Ga - try 2

Try 2 .
Heard from Recording of Ustad Rashid Khan.
It's like Rageshri Without Ga
.. or even Pahari without Ga and Pa .

According to me, It's an improvement because the flow of notes is more accurate according to the recording I heard .
- but I Will try improving on it again soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rageshri without Ga

I picked this up from a recording of Ustad Rashid Khan. I have no idea what the Raag is called - but it's basically like Rageshri without Ga and some modifications to the flow of the notes, which I'm still trying to catch.

Re-take to come soon. I feel I can improve on my choice of notes for the alaap - It's not feeling quite right.