Saturday, December 29, 2007

Free MP3 Downloads - TarShehnai Instrumental - Sound Check

Was fiddling with the settings on my new equipment today and got this result for TarShehnai.

I'm pretty happy with it - it sounds true to life / you can hear the instrument's natural reverb as well.

The file is totally unaltered.

0007 : TarShehnai - Raag Megh

Friday, December 28, 2007

Free MP3 Downloads - Esraj Instrumental

After saving money for a while, I invested in some fancy new recording equipment today so I could make MP3 Files with decent sound quality.

Here are 3 recordings I made within 30 mins of setting the whole system up:

0001 : And then The Phone Rang

0002 : Bilaval / Asa Based Alaap and Tune

0003 : Controversial Raag based Alaap and Shabad Tune

they're not rehearsed and nowhere near perfect -- only for sound check purposes.

let me know your opinion on sound quality and how I can adjust it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Raag Shankara Bandish

Tune that Maiya Singh Ji taught me about 3 years ago for the Shabad: "Khoob Teri Pagri Meethe Tere Bol"

Mixed Tunes

I suddenly Remembered the Chorus for the song YE HOSLA from the movie Dor.

Lovely tune.

I've heard it only 3-4 times before. I never really TRIED to memorize it. It just sort of popped back into my head.

I also tried to fit a Bandish in Raag Tilak Kamod / Desh (not sure which) Set to TeenTaal into Roopak - for fun.

There's one part in Raag Khamaj or Pahari (? I always get confused) which is supposed to be set to a Fast Kaherva - converted to Roopak.
That part ends with a hint of Bilawal.. It just sort of came out.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Raag Random

Raag Random - Relaxing Music
Just played what I felt like.

Controversial Raag

Some people say this is the "Old School Basant" (Since the time Our Gurus about 400-500+ years ago)

Some call it Raag Kaushik / Raag Kaushiki

Others call it Raag Bin Shadja / Bin Kharaj

I dont like to argue. I like to enjoy the music.

Technically: The Mood of my Alaap doesn't feel quite right, I think I didn't put enough emphasis on the notes I'm supposed to.- I'm quite happy with the Jor though.

Here's an Awesome Awesome Awesome Recording of this Raag:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rageshri (Mishr?) - Shabad Tune

Tune I heard from Bhai Dilbagh Singh and Gulbagh Singh's rendition of "Mehrvan Sahib Mehrvan" -- lovely composition -- Not sure if it's original or not though.

This is what I remember of it + improvisation:

I was actually trying to record Gorakh Kalyaan (see old posts saying "Rageshri Without Ga") . But I couldn't play it the way Ustad Rashid Khan sings it in the recording I have.

So I switched to this instead.

Supposed to be Choti Tintaal &/or Kaherva ..
Was focused on the embellishments etc so didn't pay attention to timing.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A few of my all-time Favorites

I got these CDs from India some time ago - LOVED them !
I had checked on Amazon some weeks earlier but they didn't have the CDs in stock. Now they have Mp3s for download.

1) Pandit Jasraj - Miyan Tansen album - get only the Dhrupad Tracks - the alaap tracks are very nice too, but honestly I hardly listen to them because they're 20-30 mins long.

The tracks include Phakawaj + Tabla + Veena accompaniment. I personally love listening to recordings with Phakawaj accompaniment - they have a very haunting/majestic sound.

* Raag Miyan Ki Sarang Dhrupad -
Tum Rab Tum Saahib

* Raag Rageshri Dhrupad -
Hey Yadunath

* Raag Darbari Dhrupad -
Teri Gati Aati Agadh

* Raag Puriya Dhrupad - Sumiran Hari Ka

2) TANSEN - Whole Album (Various Artists) - Most of the Tracks in this 2 Cd set are excellent. Artists include Ajoy Chakrborty , Nirmalya Dey, Meeta Pandit, and Rashid Khan.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jamming with Hargopal Singh: Raag Bhoopali

Taken: Oct 14 2007 . We were at a Family Sammelan at a Country Club Resort about 2.5 Hours from Bangkok.

Great fun ! Hargopal Singh Ji (Malaysia Wale) on Tabla.

Practice notes:
I never used to be able to play this fast. So I'm quite happy with my Improvement.
Will work on accuracy some more.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Difference between My Blog &

Please note : All the videos on my blog are Practice and Jam Sessions - for fun only. They're not perfect either, because they're all mood based and not rehearsed beforehand. will have instructional videos.


Old Semi-Classical Hindi Song - Raag Yaman Based

Thank you ji!
The Song is :
Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par, dil kehta hai jo kehne do

Kabir Singh on Tabla.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

By the way - Is ready.

If you're interested in learning how to play Dilruba / Esraj / TarShehnai / Taus and making your instrument SING ...

If you're interested in voice training taught by a Teacher who learned Vocals from Pt.s Rajan and Sajan Mishra ...

If you're interested in learning beginner/intermediate tabla from a Talented Musician who has background in Dhrupad LaiKaris from Pt. Siyaram Tivari and constantly experiments with Tihais and Chakkardars not only on tabla, but for vocals and on Tanti Saaz as well ..

If you're interested in putting it all together and being able to do Kirtan on stage comfortably ..

If you don't have access to a teacher regularly ..

If you have a teacher already and just want to explore more .. ( It is my belief that no One person knows EVERYTHING and no two people like EXACTLY the same thing ....... so you might as well learn from multiple sources and assemble what you like to create your own style )

Start Learning Now We're ready to start sharing.

Will keep updating based on everyone's feedback.
On Facebook - Join the Group "HarSangeet" to communicate more easily.

A Private blog is being planned/arranged for all students to upload videos and link (from google video or youtube - but set to private) so you can receive personalized feedback from Maiya Singh Ji and everyone else.

I'm working on Inviting 1-2 more teachers to join the project also.
Later if we have a big student base, I will get even more to join.

( The tabla bit is going to be especially useful for me as you can see from my videos below )

Classical / Semi-classical Songs from Indian Movies

Tere Liye - from Veer Zara

The Song is : Kabhi Na Jaao Chod/Chor Kar - If you can tell me the movie , I'll update the info. I forgot to ask .

Dil Cheez Kya Hai - from the Old Umrao Jaan

Enjoy Something Embarassing

Raag Charukesi : Roopak Taal .
This is the tune for "Har Sajjan Swami Mora" in Maiya Singh Ji's Cd .

I messed up on tabla quite badly. heheh

Raag Asavari Based Tune : Kaherva

I have trouble timing my Tihais correctly. I'll work on it :P
I sort of know the theory bit .. Just need lots of practice with execution.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Videos from Practise Session / Lesson.

Raag Madhuvanti .

11 Beat

Drut Tintaal.

My cousin Kabir Singh on tabla.

Was Really Good fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Raag Asa Shaan in Chanchal ( with Tabla )

Thanks to My cousin Kabir who came over to practice. It's always more fun with tabla accompaniment.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just for Smiles - Bhoopali

Personal Practice comments:
* I Hit One Wrong note
* High Sa is not too clear a few times
* Otherwise I'm happy with it :P

A Short interpretation of " Dont Worry Be Happy " by Bobby McFerrin - which loosely fits into Raag Bhoopali

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Looking to buy an Esraj or Dilruba ?

If you ask me "Where can I buy a Quality Esraj or Dilruba?"

Earlier , I would have told everyone : " Err I don't Know - Mine is from Raj Musicals in Delhi, so I suppose you can get one there "

But .. I don't recommend them at this point - unless you fly down to buy and inspect the instrument yourself.
I have nothing against them. I just wish they would pay more attention to details.

Being totally objective and just stating facts : Every Musical Instrument that my teacher has ordered from him since he ordered mine - has been flawed in some way. Each flaw has been small - caused by the makers lack of attention to detail.

Either the Bridge was too big which caused the resonating strings to be raised too high and touch the frets. Which means they were "blocked" and did NOT resonate.
Or they put the strings in such a way that every tuning head did not Tighten the same way. Some tightened clockwise, others tightened counter-clockwise.
Or they put the wrong string (too thin) as the main playing string - and the Saaz barely makes any sound.
And there are at least 2 more cases that I heard in passing but did not bother to remember.

Granted, Everything was fixable (with a few hours of work - each - by someone experienced), but it's just irritating isn't it ? If you order something, It should reach you in proper working order.

It seems Raaj Musicals in Delhi will only take care and pay careful attention to all the details if you order an instrument through a well-known musician. Or if you're just lucky.

Note: Raj Musicals in Dehli is different from "Raj Academy" which is based in the UK. If you're planning to buy from Raj Academy in the UK - then you don't need to worry about what I've written above. Their instruments will most likely be OK because they have passed strict QC standards.

Anyways.. Now I have someone else I can recommend properly.
Check out Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros - in Kolkata.

My good friend Angad just recently bought an Esraj from him. I have seen photos, and heard it on Skype. She's a beauty !
Best of all , it reached him with everything taken care of nicely. Nothing needs to be adjusted or messed with.

I hope they always give all their customers - newbies, amateur and professional - fantastic workmanship and great service.

My Next Saaz will definitely be from him.

Call Mr. MONOJ KUMAR at the office number, tell him Angad from Singapore recommended him.

Office Telephone: +91-33-2237-5835
Showroom Telephone: +91-33-2248-4519

Their Basic Site: Monoj Kr. Sardar & Bros.

* RIKHI RAM is another big brand name used by several professional Hindustani Classical musicians. Seek them out and ask them too. I think they're Delhi Based.

* If you're ready to invest in a TOP NOTCH, traditional Sikh Instrument (Rabab, Taus , Dilruba, Saranda, Jori, etc.): Get in touch with Bhai Baldeep Singh

A few personal recommendations:

1) I suggest you buy an ESRAJ rather than a DILRUBA because the main playing string of the ESRAJ is further away from the edge, and it's just more comfortable to play. (For me at least)
He's got 3-4 different grades of Esraj - so you can order one that suits your budget.

Order machine head tuners for the main strings and sympathetic strings, because if you're tall and get a small Esraj with big wooden tuning pegs, you wont be able to sit properly.

*** I visited Singapore in Dec 2007 and got a chance to play Angad's Esraj. See Videos from January 2008. His Esraj is smaller than mine, and the big wooden tuning pegs for the main strings go behind my neck when I play - so I can't sit straight. Other than that It's a brilliant Esraj though - I like it.
Except the tension on the main playing strings are not very high, which makes it a quiet instrument. You can instruct the manufacturer that you want the instrument to be a little louder than Angad's - so he should increase the string tension a bit - maybe 20% . He will probably do this by putting a taller bridge or putting slightly thicker stings. I'm not sure - ASK him. ***

Under the bridge of your instrument - there MUST be a leather strip that goes across the sound-box, over the first layer of skin. For Reinforcement.
Because of the nature of animal skin and the way it is attached to the Soundbox of the instrument - it will stretch and "sink in" somewhat after a while. A thin layer of reinforcement is highly recommended.

My own Esraj/TarShehnai is a two piece model from Delhi's Raj Musicals. It's a little bit large - 70cm string length from the point where it is suspended until where the bridge starts. String tension on my instrument's main string is about 30% higher than Angad's. (personal estimate)

You can order a two piece or one piece from MKS. One piece is more expensive, but should sound better and theoretically be more solid/longer lasting.

Let him know that you want to be able to tune the main playing string to play a range of Sa = C to D#

If you are tall, tell the manufacturer how tall you are - so they can make an instrument that suits your size.

If you're seriously planning to get one - Write all this stuff down :)

2) Secondly, Order the TarShehnai Horn/Soundbox. He charges only a tiny bit more, and it will be like you are buying 2 instruments in one.

3) Regarding the TarShehnai Horn - ask him for a horn that is SHORT and WIDE. It is my observation that they sound a bit deeper/sweeter than the Long/Narrow ones. But double check with the seller about this.
If possible, the Horn should be detachable from the Soundbox. If it is , order 2 horns - It WILL make a difference to the sound. Options I suggest you choose from:
* Light/Wide/Short
* Heavy/Wide/Short
* Light/Tall/Narrow
* Heavy/Tall/Narrow

But of course, in the end, the best thing is for you to get what YOU really want.
The above is just to just give you some guidelines based on what I know and like.

A friend of mine is working on making Esrajs out of Carbon-Fiber. The first prototypes should be done in July 2008. I will pass the information along when he informs me.

If you're worried about not being able to play and do not have access to a solid teacher - You can learn from Maiya Singh Ji on our Music School Site.

If you already have a really good teacher then, great ! post videos on YouTube - I'd love to see more active Dilruba/Esraj players.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Raag Bhairavi - Old Indian Song

Song : " Dil Ka Khilona "

It's good practice to play Old Indian Songs.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Raag Desh

Nice Tune in Raag Desh

Update Regarding Online Music School Online Kirtan Lessons Hindustani Vocal lessons Online Esraj Lessons Dilruba Lessons TarShehnai Lessons Taus
Tabla Lessons for beginner to intermediate levels

Current Status:

We're ready to start sharing lessons.
We've got some preliminary exercises and demonstrations up to keep you busy for a good month or so if you're an advanced student. If you're a beginner - a good 3 months of regular practice will bring you up to speed quickly.

Start Learning Now

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bhai Gurdev Singh - Dilruba - Ahir Bhairav

Bhai Gurdev Singh - Also Learned Tar-Shehnai / Dilruba from Ustad Piara Singh about the same time as Bhai Baljeet Singh did.

My Ustad's Ustad's Ustad

Thanks to Angad for sending me the link!
And thanks to whoever uploaded this video!

Ustad Piara Singh on TarShehnai.

Bhai Baljeet Singh learned from Ustad Piara Singh.

Maiya Singh picked up a lot of the tunes and style of Ustad Piara Singh by listening to him play during Diwaans and Informal Gatherings. Maiya Singh also spent time with Bhai Baljeet Singh as his student.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rageshri Without Ga - try 2

Try 2 .
Heard from Recording of Ustad Rashid Khan.
It's like Rageshri Without Ga
.. or even Pahari without Ga and Pa .

According to me, It's an improvement because the flow of notes is more accurate according to the recording I heard .
- but I Will try improving on it again soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rageshri without Ga

I picked this up from a recording of Ustad Rashid Khan. I have no idea what the Raag is called - but it's basically like Rageshri without Ga and some modifications to the flow of the notes, which I'm still trying to catch.

Re-take to come soon. I feel I can improve on my choice of notes for the alaap - It's not feeling quite right.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Raag Pahari Alaap and Tunes.

Maiya Singh on TarShehnai.
Manav Singh on TarShehnai - playing Along.
(TarShehnai = Hybrid Sitar + Sarangi + Mechanical Amplifier)

Raag Pahari Alaap.

Song tune in Raag Pahari.

Traditional Namdhari Shaans (Tunes) in Raag Pahari.



Here's an Idea of how he "randomly" composes Tunes. We were just jamming, I switched to Ik-Taal at just the right point (without being asked to) - he got an idea - and this is what happened afterwards. (by the way: In between, he's speaking THAI - I forgot to cut that out :)

Here's a Shabad Tune he's teaching me: Kanchan Sio Pa-e-yai Nahi Tol

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Raag Patdeep

Maiya Singh, My Teacher, teaching me Raag Patdeep


Jamming, Tune 1:

Jamming, Tune 2:

Friday, June 1, 2007

Bhimpalasi Lesson + Jamming

Bhimpalasi Practice :

My Teacher Jamming - Bhimpalasi Medium Tempo

My Teacher Jamming - Bhimpalasi Fast Tempo ( very tiring :S )

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuning Dilruba

I got a message asking me how to tune the dilruba.

The resonating (sympathetic) strings at the back will be tuned according to the raag.
Suppose you're playing Bilawal
tune .ma .Pa. Dha. .Ni Sa Re Ga ma Pa Dha Ni Sa Re. Ga. Ma. (until you run out of strings .. or you can repeat prominent notes like SA and PA as well )

The main playing string is tuned at Ma
My second string is SA
My third string is SA again or Ni - depends on whether I'm at Pehla Kala (C#) or Dooja Kala (D#).
My fourth string is either Pa or Ma - depends on whether I'm at Pehla Kala (C#) or Dooja Kala (D#).

Please note that nothing is Fixed - everyone has their own style. As long as you have each note covered and tuned accurately, The Saaj will sound good.

Generally - there's an optimum level of tightness for each Saaj. My Saaj sounds best at Dooja Kala (D#) for some reason - the resonance is much better than if I were to tune it at Pehla Kala.

Tuning the Saaj WELL is a different issue, which I hav not mastered completely yet - it's often very slightly 'off' - I can't tell , but my teacher can . I am getting better at it .

I will get my teacher to make a video about tuning when I get the proper 'online music lessons' site up. Btw: yes, I will be going ahead with it.
Give me 2 months to get another project off the ground, and then I will get it started. I already know what I need from a technical standpoint , all that's left is actually investing the time and money to do it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Traditional Sikh Kirtan - Puratan Reet

If you're a Kirtan-lover or even if you're generally intersted in music - check the following link:

Jap Man Narhare Narhar Swami - Raag Shudh Sarang

This is Puratan Reet Kirtan (Translation for those not familiar with Sikhi: Old School "Sikh Music")
The chorus is first sung in a 15 beat cycle - yep, no type-o: 15 beats.
And then they switch to a fast 12 beat cycle for the verses.

Switching rythmic cycles is an old Sikh tradition started by Our 4th Guru , Sri Guru Ram Das Ji.

This composition is about 350-400 years old.


I dont know about you, but every time I hear it, I get chills (in a good way). 
On top of that, If you are in to spirituality/Sikhi etc and understand the meaning - it just takes you to another level.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Improvement In Playing

I was watching videos of Bhai Baljeet Singh's UK Tour. I got totally lost in the way he was playing his Tar-Shehnai. After 15 minutes in awe of how sweet his music sounds - a question hit me: "How does he play differently from the way I do?"

"I want to be able to play like him" <- I've had this thought in my head since the first time I heard Bhai Baljeet Singh and Gurmeet Singh's rendition of "OHA PREM PIRI" on Sikhnet.

So, this time I had a new thought: "What do I need to adjust to be able to get closer to the way he plays?" "How does he play differently from the way I do?"

Anyways - I noticed 2 very very subtle things that make a HUGE difference. And the weird part is that my teacher Maiya Singh has mentioned these to me before in passing. Somehow It's slipped my awareness, and during my lessons he hasn't noticed that I'm not playing the way he told me to - because it's so subtle you have to really be looking for it to catch your attention.

I tried making those two adjustments and - I sound better !! Really!

1) See my previous videos - the neck of my saaj is resting in between My neck and the end of my shoulder. Adjustment: Rest My Saaj's neck on my collarbone, RIGHT next to my neck.

2) My wrist should not be bent. If I hold my left hand up and pretend to play - my wrist should be in line with my forearm.

No twisting or bending left wrist while playing. Whole hand/arm must move.

Fingers should be resting on the playing string like dead weight - PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE HIGH NOTES :P - No need to push down at all.


So there's a reminder to myself that everyone might be able to benefit from. Try it out.

I'll show y'all the result soon.

By the Way .. If you're following the news, Youtube doesnt work in Thailand anymore, So for now I'll be posting all new videos to Google video.

Can someone do me a favor and put comments in a 2-3 of my videos on youtube telling people to check here (if they're interested).

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pati Torai Malini

Round 2!!:

Got this on the 4th take. Still a few mistakes, but according to me it's much better than yesterday.

Will try again soon - not committing to a date. :P


I swear this is a tough tune to play.

I tried 8 times today.. And only got this.

I see where I need to improve -
- Saaj went off tune .. didn't notice until after I saw recording.
- I need to bow harder on the High notes - it's sounding weird currently
- The playing lacks a certain Lively Bounce
- anything else ? kindly suggest

My brother is also saying he wants to try improving his tabla sound.

We will be back with another take at this!!! :D

Sunday, April 1, 2007

3 Tunes in Raag Bhairavi

3 Tunes in Raag Bhairavi

1st: Tune using both MAs and both GAs .. took me quite long to understand what was going on when I first heard it :P

2nd: Nice tune, but very hard to play - and My teacher said he didn't remember the rest of it, hence the short segment.

3rd: Old hindi song - see if anyone can guess what song. apparently it's VERY old.

My younger brother is on tabla.


Raag Durga

By Request:
Alaap and Tune I learned for the Shabad "Gur Jaisa Nahi Ko Dev"

Very sweet Raag -

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do you want this ?

I have the resources to set up REGULAR ONLINE MUSIC LESSONS (delivered by Video)
- for beginner/intermediate/advanced levels

lessons can include
  • Gurbani Kirtan - Classical / Semi-Classical / Light Shabads - can even do requests. Send the file and someone will de-construct the tune and teach it SLOWLY so its easy to follow.
    • Singing
    • Playing along on Waja
    • Playing along on Dilruba
    • Advanced Compositions: Partaals and uncommon beat compositions: 11 beat, 9 beat, 13 beat, etc.
  • Tabla for Accompaniment - Beginner/Intermediate level only- but there will still be plenty of cool Tihais and Kaidas.

  • Vocal - PROPER singing tips and exercises ( Didi Aruna has agreed to teach - see the two posts below for sampling of her Skill - I will get more teachers to join up as well)

  • Dilruba / Tar Shehnai / Taus ( if you can play one , you can play 'em all ) - Tips, Techniques, Exercises, and USING everything that you've learned in compositions.
  • Classical Hindustani Bandishes, Ghazals, and Old Hindi Songs.

It'll be like this blog - except the lessons will be REGULARLY UPDATED (aiming for 1 time a week per Teacher) , and PROPERLY PLANNED.
Also there will be multiple videos in Each Lesson :

Random example :--
Shabad: "Satgur Poorai Naam Diya"
tune Heard from Narinder Singh Banaras Wale
Raag Prabhati Biphas
- so this lesson will be divided into:

1) Alaap of Raag

2) Just Singing the shabad - with repeated emphasis on the difficult bits, how to embellish and sweeten the tune, proper pronunciation of Bani

3) The notes on Waja

4) How to Play along on Dilruba so it sounds good + Perhaps a Shaan thrown in

5) Tabla accompaniment - how to make it sound good: Playing so it sounds light and happy / or heavy. Adding embellishments. Playing off-beat, and then fitting back in. Tihais, Kaidas. Mixing Beats (playing Dadra in Tintaal maybe) etc. etc. Whatever knowledge the teacher can give.

6) The Shabad Sung properly without interruptions , with tabla accompaniment.

optional 7) Taans/Sargams/Tihais - for both Vocal and Dilruba ( for classical tunes - so People who are interested more in the MUSIC than the Bani , can just use the composition )

It'll have to be a membership site so we can keep it running on a consistent ongoing basis. I'm estimating membership fees will have to be about US$40 per month, depending on how much it costs to set the whole thing up- ( which if you calculate is ONLY around $3-5 per lesson ) .. and all old lessons will still be there for you to check out at a later date.

If you're interested .. please leave a comment.
If at least 50 different people confirm that they want this - I will put it together IMMEDIATELY.
Kindly spread the word - and let me know in the comments section of this post if this is something you would like to have.


additional Note:

most of the info may be based around Gurbani / Sikh music (I'm planning about 50%) - but it will be applicable to general Hindustani Classical as well.
If you can play tabla along to one piece of music, you can play along to everything.

And - a lot of times, if you omit the words and just play the tunes for the Shabads, you'll end up with something very similar to hindustani classical compositions. A lot of Shabad tunes are based on Hindustani Classical compositions anyway.

But of course we will try to accomodate everyone - I will make sure there are enough tunes and compositions to keep non-Sikhs interested too.
Perhaps we can add a taans/sargams/tihais section to each lesson so people who are interested in the Tune and not
the Bani (words), will still get benefit from it.
I'll even make sure to put up songs.

The more people I can serve, the better.


Once in a while : We'll be able to get (audio) studio recordings of our "Teachers" - and most of those will be put up on the site and available to members for download.

Arungeet Kaur singing Raag Bhairavi

Aruna didi singing Raag Bhairavi at Aunty Tara's house - March 24 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Arungeet Kaur singing Raag Kaushikdhwani

Aruna Didi singing Raag Kaushikdhwani / Kaushik .
Some scholars say this is the original Raag Basant before the version with Komal Re and Tivar Ma became popular - ... but whatever, if you ask 100 people something, you'll get a 100 different opinions ... I dont like to argue, it's a nice Raag - and sung Very very well. Enjoy .

Classical Music get-together at Aunty Tara's House - March 24 2005.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Raag Kirwani

Small "classical music" get-together at Aunty Tara's house on 24 March 2007.

Maiya Singh (My Teacher) on Tarshehnai
I'm on tabla.

The foil-leaf in the Tarshehnai's sound box popped so my teacher had to end abruptly.

Btw. this little recording was done with NO practice. - the Get-together WAS the practice.


Monday, February 5, 2007

tune from SUPER OLD indian movie

My teacher says Ustad Pyara Singh used to love playing this tune.

Raag Bhoopali Bandish

Composition in Raag Bhoopali.

Raag Asa : Shaan + Shabad Tune

One of my favorite tunes. Very very difficult to memorize.
I heard the tune from the Shabad Track: "Gur Kunji Pahu Nival" sung by Bhai Baljeet Singh at least 50-60 times.
Even then I memorized it incorrectly.
So my teacher has played it slowly for me to be able to catch the nuances.

Here's a modified tune for "Gur Kunji Pahu Nival" (I wanted to sing a different Shabad to this composition) - in Raag Asa. Amazingly Sweet Tune.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Raag Asa - Shaan

Nice peaceful and happy tune in Raag Asa.

Mouli Dharti Moulia Akash - Shabad Tune

Tune for Shabad in Raag SHUDH BASANT (According to Gurbani Kirtan Scholars)

Shabad is "Mouli Dharti Moulia Akash" - heard from Bhai Nirmal Singh, Hazoori Ragi of Darbar Sahib Amritsar.

I know the alaap needs work - was kind of random.
And nobody was there to help me stay in beat.
And a few notes are ~off.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Audio Cd - Gurbani Kirtan - By Maiya Singh

My teacher went to India in 2005 and created a Gurbani Kirtan Audio Cd.

I then got a few hundred CDs made (Proper Factory CD , not burned at home).

On the Recording, He's accompanied by Namdhari Hazoori Ragis :

Harpreet Singh (Sonu) - on Tabla
Balwant Singh - on Santoor
Gurdial Singh (Lali) - on Sitar
and Davinder Singh - on TarShehnai

The Kirtan is sung Ghazal / Semi-Classical / Easy-listening Style
(Sorry = Non Title-Raag :( )
Sound Quality is excellent.
click here for the audio files of Maiya Singh's Kirtan CD

Anyway - there are plenty of CDs left unsold which is greatly slowing down plans to create new recordings. So if you like the Cd, please take one - help clear the stock so a new one can be produced.

I have here, right beside my computer 9 Unopened CDs that I promised I'd sell (Since 2005) - And I'm sure my teacher has plenty more.

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to ship you a CD for US$9 (Covers the cost of producing the CDs and includes Worldwide shipping by Registered Thai Air Mail)

** Update ** had to change from $7 to $9 because cost of Shipping was quite a bit higher than expected.

Paypal Link has been sorted out.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Raag Khamaj - Ustad Bismillah Khan

Maiya Singh, My teacher, playing a tune he said he often used for practice when he was younger.

If you noticed: the phone rang towards the end of the recording. :P heheh

Tar Shehnai / Esraj (Dilruba) - Raag Kalyan

Maiya Singh, My teacher, playing a Bandish in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan.

Recording was made mainly for practice purposes.

Not bad for someone who just plays this on the spot without any recent practice eh?

The instrument is a Tar Shehnai, which is an Esraj + a horn that produces the sweet, high pitched sound.

An Esraj (similar to Dilruba) is a hybrid Sarangi + Sitar.

If you noticed: I fumbled the taal at one point because I started concentrating on what my teacher was playing, but he adjusted what he was playing to fit my mistake in.

Advanced listeners will notice instantly :P