Sunday, January 21, 2007

Raag Asa - Shaan

Nice peaceful and happy tune in Raag Asa.

Mouli Dharti Moulia Akash - Shabad Tune

Tune for Shabad in Raag SHUDH BASANT (According to Gurbani Kirtan Scholars)

Shabad is "Mouli Dharti Moulia Akash" - heard from Bhai Nirmal Singh, Hazoori Ragi of Darbar Sahib Amritsar.

I know the alaap needs work - was kind of random.
And nobody was there to help me stay in beat.
And a few notes are ~off.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Audio Cd - Gurbani Kirtan - By Maiya Singh

My teacher went to India in 2005 and created a Gurbani Kirtan Audio Cd.

I then got a few hundred CDs made (Proper Factory CD , not burned at home).

On the Recording, He's accompanied by Namdhari Hazoori Ragis :

Harpreet Singh (Sonu) - on Tabla
Balwant Singh - on Santoor
Gurdial Singh (Lali) - on Sitar
and Davinder Singh - on TarShehnai

The Kirtan is sung Ghazal / Semi-Classical / Easy-listening Style
(Sorry = Non Title-Raag :( )
Sound Quality is excellent.
click here for the audio files of Maiya Singh's Kirtan CD

Anyway - there are plenty of CDs left unsold which is greatly slowing down plans to create new recordings. So if you like the Cd, please take one - help clear the stock so a new one can be produced.

I have here, right beside my computer 9 Unopened CDs that I promised I'd sell (Since 2005) - And I'm sure my teacher has plenty more.

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to ship you a CD for US$9 (Covers the cost of producing the CDs and includes Worldwide shipping by Registered Thai Air Mail)

** Update ** had to change from $7 to $9 because cost of Shipping was quite a bit higher than expected.

Paypal Link has been sorted out.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Raag Khamaj - Ustad Bismillah Khan

Maiya Singh, My teacher, playing a tune he said he often used for practice when he was younger.

If you noticed: the phone rang towards the end of the recording. :P heheh

Tar Shehnai / Esraj (Dilruba) - Raag Kalyan

Maiya Singh, My teacher, playing a Bandish in Raag Yaman/Kaliyaan.

Recording was made mainly for practice purposes.

Not bad for someone who just plays this on the spot without any recent practice eh?

The instrument is a Tar Shehnai, which is an Esraj + a horn that produces the sweet, high pitched sound.

An Esraj (similar to Dilruba) is a hybrid Sarangi + Sitar.

If you noticed: I fumbled the taal at one point because I started concentrating on what my teacher was playing, but he adjusted what he was playing to fit my mistake in.

Advanced listeners will notice instantly :P