Saturday, December 29, 2007

Free MP3 Downloads - TarShehnai Instrumental - Sound Check

Was fiddling with the settings on my new equipment today and got this result for TarShehnai.

I'm pretty happy with it - it sounds true to life / you can hear the instrument's natural reverb as well.

The file is totally unaltered.

0007 : TarShehnai - Raag Megh

Friday, December 28, 2007

Free MP3 Downloads - Esraj Instrumental

After saving money for a while, I invested in some fancy new recording equipment today so I could make MP3 Files with decent sound quality.

Here are 3 recordings I made within 30 mins of setting the whole system up:

0001 : And then The Phone Rang

0002 : Bilaval / Asa Based Alaap and Tune

0003 : Controversial Raag based Alaap and Shabad Tune

they're not rehearsed and nowhere near perfect -- only for sound check purposes.

let me know your opinion on sound quality and how I can adjust it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Raag Shankara Bandish

Tune that Maiya Singh Ji taught me about 3 years ago for the Shabad: "Khoob Teri Pagri Meethe Tere Bol"

Mixed Tunes

I suddenly Remembered the Chorus for the song YE HOSLA from the movie Dor.

Lovely tune.

I've heard it only 3-4 times before. I never really TRIED to memorize it. It just sort of popped back into my head.

I also tried to fit a Bandish in Raag Tilak Kamod / Desh (not sure which) Set to TeenTaal into Roopak - for fun.

There's one part in Raag Khamaj or Pahari (? I always get confused) which is supposed to be set to a Fast Kaherva - converted to Roopak.
That part ends with a hint of Bilawal.. It just sort of came out.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Raag Random

Raag Random - Relaxing Music
Just played what I felt like.

Controversial Raag

Some people say this is the "Old School Basant" (Since the time Our Gurus about 400-500+ years ago)

Some call it Raag Kaushik / Raag Kaushiki

Others call it Raag Bin Shadja / Bin Kharaj

I dont like to argue. I like to enjoy the music.

Technically: The Mood of my Alaap doesn't feel quite right, I think I didn't put enough emphasis on the notes I'm supposed to.- I'm quite happy with the Jor though.

Here's an Awesome Awesome Awesome Recording of this Raag: