Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A few of my all-time Favorites

I got these CDs from India some time ago - LOVED them !
I had checked on Amazon some weeks earlier but they didn't have the CDs in stock. Now they have Mp3s for download.

1) Pandit Jasraj - Miyan Tansen album - get only the Dhrupad Tracks - the alaap tracks are very nice too, but honestly I hardly listen to them because they're 20-30 mins long.

The tracks include Phakawaj + Tabla + Veena accompaniment. I personally love listening to recordings with Phakawaj accompaniment - they have a very haunting/majestic sound.

* Raag Miyan Ki Sarang Dhrupad -
Tum Rab Tum Saahib

* Raag Rageshri Dhrupad -
Hey Yadunath

* Raag Darbari Dhrupad -
Teri Gati Aati Agadh

* Raag Puriya Dhrupad - Sumiran Hari Ka

2) TANSEN - Whole Album (Various Artists) - Most of the Tracks in this 2 Cd set are excellent. Artists include Ajoy Chakrborty , Nirmalya Dey, Meeta Pandit, and Rashid Khan.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jamming with Hargopal Singh: Raag Bhoopali

Taken: Oct 14 2007 . We were at a Family Sammelan at a Country Club Resort about 2.5 Hours from Bangkok.

Great fun ! Hargopal Singh Ji (Malaysia Wale) on Tabla.

Practice notes:
I never used to be able to play this fast. So I'm quite happy with my Improvement.
Will work on accuracy some more.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Difference between My Blog &

Please note : All the videos on my blog are Practice and Jam Sessions - for fun only. They're not perfect either, because they're all mood based and not rehearsed beforehand. will have instructional videos.


Old Semi-Classical Hindi Song - Raag Yaman Based

Thank you ji!
The Song is :
Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par, dil kehta hai jo kehne do

Kabir Singh on Tabla.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

By the way - Is ready.

If you're interested in learning how to play Dilruba / Esraj / TarShehnai / Taus and making your instrument SING ...

If you're interested in voice training taught by a Teacher who learned Vocals from Pt.s Rajan and Sajan Mishra ...

If you're interested in learning beginner/intermediate tabla from a Talented Musician who has background in Dhrupad LaiKaris from Pt. Siyaram Tivari and constantly experiments with Tihais and Chakkardars not only on tabla, but for vocals and on Tanti Saaz as well ..

If you're interested in putting it all together and being able to do Kirtan on stage comfortably ..

If you don't have access to a teacher regularly ..

If you have a teacher already and just want to explore more .. ( It is my belief that no One person knows EVERYTHING and no two people like EXACTLY the same thing ....... so you might as well learn from multiple sources and assemble what you like to create your own style )

Start Learning Now We're ready to start sharing.

Will keep updating based on everyone's feedback.
On Facebook - Join the Group "HarSangeet" to communicate more easily.

A Private blog is being planned/arranged for all students to upload videos and link (from google video or youtube - but set to private) so you can receive personalized feedback from Maiya Singh Ji and everyone else.

I'm working on Inviting 1-2 more teachers to join the project also.
Later if we have a big student base, I will get even more to join.

( The tabla bit is going to be especially useful for me as you can see from my videos below )

Classical / Semi-classical Songs from Indian Movies

Tere Liye - from Veer Zara

The Song is : Kabhi Na Jaao Chod/Chor Kar - If you can tell me the movie , I'll update the info. I forgot to ask .

Dil Cheez Kya Hai - from the Old Umrao Jaan

Enjoy Something Embarassing

Raag Charukesi : Roopak Taal .
This is the tune for "Har Sajjan Swami Mora" in Maiya Singh Ji's Cd .

I messed up on tabla quite badly. heheh

Raag Asavari Based Tune : Kaherva

I have trouble timing my Tihais correctly. I'll work on it :P
I sort of know the theory bit .. Just need lots of practice with execution.