Thursday, December 14, 2006

Practice Technique

Try this combination of notes

Memorize this pattern - and use it for practising any Raag.

This is example will be For Raag Kalyaan (Yaman)

.N R G .N G R .N R G .N R .N G R .N

(N = low ni)

Then use the same pattern and go up along the aroh 

R G m R m G R G m R G R m G R
(m = ma tivar )


Try bowing one note at a time
then two notes with one bow
then three notes with one bow
until you can do the whole sequence with one bow

keep a constant speed.

Try - and please post links to your videos as comments. So everyone can check out and help point out how to improve.


Singh said...

Can you post the whole technique and how it's supposed to be done in a video along with the notations?
That would be incredibly awesome.
Thank you Ustaad Ji :)

Mnv said...

ok boss will do soon

Singh said...

Are the videos coming up soon?
You are my Virtual Ustaad Ji;)
please do me some kirpa :):)