Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Audio Cd - Gurbani Kirtan - By Maiya Singh

My teacher went to India in 2005 and created a Gurbani Kirtan Audio Cd.

I then got a few hundred CDs made (Proper Factory CD , not burned at home).

On the Recording, He's accompanied by Namdhari Hazoori Ragis :

Harpreet Singh (Sonu) - on Tabla
Balwant Singh - on Santoor
Gurdial Singh (Lali) - on Sitar
and Davinder Singh - on TarShehnai

The Kirtan is sung Ghazal / Semi-Classical / Easy-listening Style
(Sorry = Non Title-Raag :( )
Sound Quality is excellent.
click here for the audio files of Maiya Singh's Kirtan CD

Anyway - there are plenty of CDs left unsold which is greatly slowing down plans to create new recordings. So if you like the Cd, please take one - help clear the stock so a new one can be produced.

I have here, right beside my computer 9 Unopened CDs that I promised I'd sell (Since 2005) - And I'm sure my teacher has plenty more.

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to ship you a CD for US$9 (Covers the cost of producing the CDs and includes Worldwide shipping by Registered Thai Air Mail)

** Update ** had to change from $7 to $9 because cost of Shipping was quite a bit higher than expected.

Paypal Link has been sorted out.


Singh said...

Paypal link isn't working...
...still waiting on those practice technique videos....

Singh said...

CD finally arrived! hah.
Very nice, I enjoyed it. The santoor also sounds very nice. Some excellent bandish.
Thank you Manav :)

ajay said...

Sewa Vichar Foundation was created in 2000 to originally record the entire oral recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the purpose of helping anyone to read and understand the Gurus words and to Gurbani bring
people closer to Gurbani. Since 2000, Sewa Vichar Foundation has expanded its efforts and sewa to record more Gurbani to reach each and every household in the world

guillaume said...

your professor leave in india ?
because i'm looking for a professor dilruba in india