Monday, March 26, 2007

Arungeet Kaur singing Raag Kaushikdhwani

Aruna Didi singing Raag Kaushikdhwani / Kaushik .
Some scholars say this is the original Raag Basant before the version with Komal Re and Tivar Ma became popular - ... but whatever, if you ask 100 people something, you'll get a 100 different opinions ... I dont like to argue, it's a nice Raag - and sung Very very well. Enjoy .

Classical Music get-together at Aunty Tara's House - March 24 2005.


vsingh said...

As I've heard from two well-known scholars; Raag Basant is in Bilawal Thath; with all shud surs.
I've only heard a few saying that Re Da Komal (I believe BHairo That) is the real Basant.

But as you say; the more people you ask; the more variation you'll find

H said...

Where is this recording from??

Gursharan said...

beautiful voice- so much strength and clarity in it. I am her fan.