Friday, April 6, 2007

Improvement In Playing

I was watching videos of Bhai Baljeet Singh's UK Tour. I got totally lost in the way he was playing his Tar-Shehnai. After 15 minutes in awe of how sweet his music sounds - a question hit me: "How does he play differently from the way I do?"

"I want to be able to play like him" <- I've had this thought in my head since the first time I heard Bhai Baljeet Singh and Gurmeet Singh's rendition of "OHA PREM PIRI" on Sikhnet.

So, this time I had a new thought: "What do I need to adjust to be able to get closer to the way he plays?" "How does he play differently from the way I do?"

Anyways - I noticed 2 very very subtle things that make a HUGE difference. And the weird part is that my teacher Maiya Singh has mentioned these to me before in passing. Somehow It's slipped my awareness, and during my lessons he hasn't noticed that I'm not playing the way he told me to - because it's so subtle you have to really be looking for it to catch your attention.

I tried making those two adjustments and - I sound better !! Really!

1) See my previous videos - the neck of my saaj is resting in between My neck and the end of my shoulder. Adjustment: Rest My Saaj's neck on my collarbone, RIGHT next to my neck.

2) My wrist should not be bent. If I hold my left hand up and pretend to play - my wrist should be in line with my forearm.

No twisting or bending left wrist while playing. Whole hand/arm must move.

Fingers should be resting on the playing string like dead weight - PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE HIGH NOTES :P - No need to push down at all.


So there's a reminder to myself that everyone might be able to benefit from. Try it out.

I'll show y'all the result soon.

By the Way .. If you're following the news, Youtube doesnt work in Thailand anymore, So for now I'll be posting all new videos to Google video.

Can someone do me a favor and put comments in a 2-3 of my videos on youtube telling people to check here (if they're interested).


Angad Singh said...

Thanks a lot..i tried keeping my wrist as you have mentioned...loads of improvement =)

Keith Beber said...

Its not much and not that well played but I havent been playing for very long. I promised I would post you a here it is. Keith

Keith Beber said...

Manav here is the correct URL

Keith Beber said...
Sorry again I deleted the last 2. This is it.

Mnv said...

hi keith - could you upload to google video instead ? I cant access youtube anymore :S