Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A few of my all-time Favorites

I got these CDs from India some time ago - LOVED them !
I had checked on Amazon some weeks earlier but they didn't have the CDs in stock. Now they have Mp3s for download.

1) Pandit Jasraj - Miyan Tansen album - get only the Dhrupad Tracks - the alaap tracks are very nice too, but honestly I hardly listen to them because they're 20-30 mins long.

The tracks include Phakawaj + Tabla + Veena accompaniment. I personally love listening to recordings with Phakawaj accompaniment - they have a very haunting/majestic sound.

* Raag Miyan Ki Sarang Dhrupad -
Tum Rab Tum Saahib

* Raag Rageshri Dhrupad -
Hey Yadunath

* Raag Darbari Dhrupad -
Teri Gati Aati Agadh

* Raag Puriya Dhrupad - Sumiran Hari Ka

2) TANSEN - Whole Album (Various Artists) - Most of the Tracks in this 2 Cd set are excellent. Artists include Ajoy Chakrborty , Nirmalya Dey, Meeta Pandit, and Rashid Khan.


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