Friday, June 1, 2007

Bhimpalasi Lesson + Jamming

Bhimpalasi Practice :

My Teacher Jamming - Bhimpalasi Medium Tempo

My Teacher Jamming - Bhimpalasi Fast Tempo ( very tiring :S )


SinghShere said...


The Guru has just gifted me with a Dilruba. I am curious if the add-on to the Esraj can fit on a Dilruba? Would it make the Dilruba also sound like a tar Shenai?

Priase God.

Mnv said...

Hello Veera,

The Shehnai Horn uses a hook shaped "needle" to hold on to the main playing string and amplify its sound.
My esraj was made like that = with the knot to attach the Shehnai Horn screwed to the bottom.

If you get someone who knows what they're doing to do it - I suppose they could attach that knot to your dilruba for you - and then you will be able to use the Shehnai soundbox with your Saaj.

Please be careful as you will need to drill through the wood. I'd never try it on my own :S

Another idea is to buy small microphone (called a "pickup" i think) and attach it to the bridge of your Dilruba. That way you can amplify the sound with an electric amplifier.

I have not yet tried this, but know it will work - and it doesn't involve any high-risk tampering of your instrument. A Pickup made for the cello should work great.

Guru Fateh.

Mnv said...

By the way - if anyone reading this has any connections in the Golden Temple - PLEASE have the Dilruba players buy Pickups and use them instead of regular microphones - you can't hear them at all when they come on tv every day.