Saturday, June 30, 2007

Raag Pahari Alaap and Tunes.

Maiya Singh on TarShehnai.
Manav Singh on TarShehnai - playing Along.
(TarShehnai = Hybrid Sitar + Sarangi + Mechanical Amplifier)

Raag Pahari Alaap.

Song tune in Raag Pahari.

Traditional Namdhari Shaans (Tunes) in Raag Pahari.



Here's an Idea of how he "randomly" composes Tunes. We were just jamming, I switched to Ik-Taal at just the right point (without being asked to) - he got an idea - and this is what happened afterwards. (by the way: In between, he's speaking THAI - I forgot to cut that out :)

Here's a Shabad Tune he's teaching me: Kanchan Sio Pa-e-yai Nahi Tol


jatlee said...

his tarshenai sounds very different from baljeets and Ustaad pyaara singhs!

Mnv said...

Maybe it's because of the Soundbox ? Apparently there are many models - he got this one quite recently (about a year ago) . His old one is in need of repair.
Do you happen to have a recording of Bhai Baljeet Singh playing the TarShehnai in an informal setting ?