Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rageshri (Mishr?) - Shabad Tune

Tune I heard from Bhai Dilbagh Singh and Gulbagh Singh's rendition of "Mehrvan Sahib Mehrvan" -- lovely composition -- Not sure if it's original or not though.

This is what I remember of it + improvisation:

I was actually trying to record Gorakh Kalyaan (see old posts saying "Rageshri Without Ga") . But I couldn't play it the way Ustad Rashid Khan sings it in the recording I have.

So I switched to this instead.

Supposed to be Choti Tintaal &/or Kaherva ..
Was focused on the embellishments etc so didn't pay attention to timing.

Enjoy :)


el niño sitar said...

I´m from the south of Spain, Andalusia.
Here, there is not any place for indian classical music and it´s very very difficult for me learn to play sitar.
Now I´ve got a dilruba.
I know the way to tune the main strings but,
what about the sympathetics?
Please, I need some help.
Could you tell me how I can tune my dilruba correctly?

Thank you for all.

el niño sitar said...

I have just to see this link

Here you say how to tune a dilruba.

Thanks for all.

I will be watching this page normally

Jo said...

Wow! Just out of the world!!

SB said...

Ok please tell me once more which is the instrument you played in this it dilruba or Esraj? I want to buy this one as it seems like the music just pours out of your heart.

el niño sitar said...

where are u from, Jo?
Andalucia is the alfa and the omega for my.
Everything began here for my. Jejeje.

mnv said...

el Nino~ & Jo - Thank you.

sb - This is my Esraj.
As I wrote earlier, i recommend buying an Esraj because it's easier to play.
Placement of playing string is just more comfortable for me - and my friend Angad who just got an Esraj confirms it. oh and of course my teacher says so too.
Also it's easier to keep your bow steady.

so if anyone were to ask me : I'd say buy an ESRAJ

Murali said...

just awesome manavji. Thank you for gracing the audioblog world.