Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maiya Singh - Instrumental Audio Recording

Free MP3 of Maiya Singh playing Raag Jhinjoti - Roopak 7 Beat Cycle. Right click the link and choose "Save Target As"
Phone Rang towards the end again... seems to happen a lot eh?

I'm on Tabla . Testing out a new Banares-Made set I was thinking about buying off someone .. but I dont think I am going to: the Duggi/Dagga is way too tight and it doesn't suit my playing style.

I'm thinking of getting a Set: high C# Tabla and Atta Wala Dhama - both with nut/bolt attachments. There's nobody in Thailand who's willing to change the poora on old tablas. It's hot and humid about 80% of the year and so Tablas wear out quite quickly
- might as well get nut/bolt attachments and accept the slight decrease in sound quality in exchange for the security of being able to change the skins quickly and easily.
Any suggestions ?


Maksim said...

My name is Maxim, I'm from Ukraine
but currently I live in Bangkok.
Me and my friend took few lessons from Maiya Singh some time ago, but due to different reasons I could not continue. One of the reasons was that my esraj was broken and just now I'm getting it repeared...
Please give my regards to Raja and
let him know that we are willing to continue study. Problem is that I lost contacts with him and I was really happy to find your blog.
So, please, let me know how to contact Maiya Singh and thanks for exellent site for esraj lover.

mnv said...

hi Maksim - send me a message on youtube with your local phone number
and I'll sms his number to you.

Maksim said...

Thanks for your reply!
I'm not familiar with youtube.
This is mobile of my friend who is learning to play tabla
please send him sms with Raja's phone number
I'm not in Thailand now.
Thanks a lot!