Monday, January 28, 2008

More of Bhai Gurmit Singh Shant

Recorded at my place , 16th Jan 2008.

I requested him to sing only "Vadde Taal"
He actually told me the names of the Taals later on, but I didn't write them down and therefore forgot them. If he visits your city - ask him - and let me know :)

Raag Basant - 15 beat .. Meanings: Basant Chariya Phooli Banraee

Raag Dhanasri - 18 beat .. Meanings: Har Charan Sharan Gobind Dukh Bhanjana
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** Update on 22/Feb/2008 ** I was sharply reprimanded by a friend about the above recording. Apparently it's Raag Bhimpalasi, not Raag Dhanasri.
I asked "what's the difference?"
I was told "Bhimpalasi = Madhyam is Vadi .. and Dhanasri = Pancham is Vadi "
I actually thought " errrr ... ok .. I'm still not going to be able to tell the difference . " but said " theek eh ... If you insist - I'll mention it"

Raag Kaliyaan - 9 beat + Raag Bihagra - Roopak .. Meanings: Nain Mahinje Taras De Pasee Didaar & Ratte Ishq Khudaae Rang Didaar Ke

Malkauns 12 Beat ..


Nicky said...

thanks for all this stuff, I just resumed my classical lessons yesterday, and listening to all this is very encouraging and inspiring.

Hartej said...

Brilliant stuff bro!

15 beats: panj taal dee svaari
18 beats: Basant taal

vsingh said...

Hartej basant taal is 9 beat according to Prof Manjit Kaurs "Gurmat Sangeet Parampra"

Manpreet said...

9 beats = mat taal