Saturday, December 1, 2007

Controversial Raag

Some people say this is the "Old School Basant" (Since the time Our Gurus about 400-500+ years ago)

Some call it Raag Kaushik / Raag Kaushiki

Others call it Raag Bin Shadja / Bin Kharaj

I dont like to argue. I like to enjoy the music.

Technically: The Mood of my Alaap doesn't feel quite right, I think I didn't put enough emphasis on the notes I'm supposed to.- I'm quite happy with the Jor though.

Here's an Awesome Awesome Awesome Recording of this Raag:

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Bit Hawk said...

Loved your rendition! Dilruba is one of my favorite instruments - I am in love with it since I first heard in a Ghulam Ali concert.

You have been bookmarked!