Friday, December 28, 2007

Free MP3 Downloads - Esraj Instrumental

After saving money for a while, I invested in some fancy new recording equipment today so I could make MP3 Files with decent sound quality.

Here are 3 recordings I made within 30 mins of setting the whole system up:

0001 : And then The Phone Rang

0002 : Bilaval / Asa Based Alaap and Tune

0003 : Controversial Raag based Alaap and Shabad Tune

they're not rehearsed and nowhere near perfect -- only for sound check purposes.

let me know your opinion on sound quality and how I can adjust it.

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kulpreet said...

Beautiful recordings. Would you mind sharing what the recording gear is that you ended up buying. And, do you have any recording with Tabla or Tabla, alone for that matter. A lot of times that is the harder to capture well.