Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mixed Tunes

I suddenly Remembered the Chorus for the song YE HOSLA from the movie Dor.

Lovely tune.

I've heard it only 3-4 times before. I never really TRIED to memorize it. It just sort of popped back into my head.

I also tried to fit a Bandish in Raag Tilak Kamod / Desh (not sure which) Set to TeenTaal into Roopak - for fun.

There's one part in Raag Khamaj or Pahari (? I always get confused) which is supposed to be set to a Fast Kaherva - converted to Roopak.
That part ends with a hint of Bilawal.. It just sort of came out.

1 comment:

Jaydev said...

Great piece. Do you have a much clearer version of your music on sites such esnips where one can listen to just the audio (for a better sound quality) ?

Thanks and wish you all the best!